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CUMEP's Theater Education Program

Directed by theater and teaching artist Nicole-Bethany Onwuka, the CUMEP theater program began in February 2024.  During our Winter camp, 25 participants received pre-professional theater intensive training and performed "CUMEP The Musical".  The play is an original piece created by Onwuka based on 20 years of CUMEP curriculum and technique. During camp, students engaged in classes and learned introductory techniques across all aspects of performance including musical theater, dancing, acting, stage combat, singing and more. 

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Participants also learned how to audition and have professional rehearsal etiquette.  In an effort to encourage CUMEPers to feel a sense of belonging in the theater & on stage, our program took place at Ithaca High School's Kulp Black Box Theater and dance studio.  The experience was INCREDIBLE!!!

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